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emReader, emPolygonizer  5 tools now free

emReader, emPolygonizer 5 tools now free

Eric Mootz of Softimage XSI and Fabric Engine fame had created a couple of plugins that were compatible with MODO. Eric has since moved on to other pastures…..(checking LinkedIN….wait, he’s at Apple? He’s at Apple….what hell is Apple doing over there?)

Anyway, ahem…his stuff is now free. Whatever happened to XSI anyway? Oh…right. Autodesk happened…..thanks.

I feel a copy/paste coming…HERE IT COMES!



From the Mootzoid site: Supported file formats: RealFlow .bin Wavefront .obj Softimage's factory Polygonizer .emp2 Mootzoid .emp2 (compatible with emPolygonizer3) Mootzoid .mzd (compatible with emPolygonizer4 and emTopolizer).

Some features: Quick loading and rendering of indexed geometry cache files without the need to import them Animatable file index (e.g. to make timewarps or reverse the sequence) Loads motion vectors (scalable), normal vectors and texture coordinates, if available. Post-load effects: Fi

emPolygonizer 5

v.5.300 updated Dec 21st 2017 — as of now, all of Eric's plugins including emPolygonizer5 are available for free.

From the emPolygonizer5 documentation: emPolygonizer is a "mesher", i.e. it creates polygon meshes based on one or more input objects by polygonizing so-called scalar fields (or isofields). The inputs for the meshing are nulls, locators, curves, polygon meshes, point clouds, particle systems, array of positions, etc. [..]

The latest 5.2 update adds the new feature »PCA Normals« which uses weighted principal component analysis to drastically reduce the »blobby« appearance in smooth areas of a liquid's surface. To learn more about PCA Normals, see the new demo and test videos in Eric's vimeo channel. The earlier 5.1 update (demoed here) introduced the enhanced polygonizer core written for emTopolizer. Also it added a lot of features and workflow enhancements as shown in the other version 5 videos in the channel. This tutorial session shows workflows possible with the new features from the previous version 4.25.

emPolygonizer5 is also available for Maya, Modo and as a command line tool.

MODO | Stupid Falloff Trick 4 of 5

MODO | Stupid Falloff Trick 4 of 5

MODO <-> Unity Asset Bridge

MODO <-> Unity Asset Bridge