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About Pixel Fondue

So what’s this about? Well you are on the about section so it’s about the about really. See what we did there? It’s meta right? So are we. Anyway, if you aren’t sure what this site is and you had to come to this page to learn about it we’re not doing a very good job on the other pages.

We’re sorry.

We’re here to entertain and educate. We’re here to mystify and demystify. We are a group of casual friday professionals who love, love, LOVE all things pixel related. 2D? Yep. 3D? Heck yes! Music and audio? Why the heck not as long as you make it with pixels. Well, you know what we mean.

Our aim (I smell a mission statement!) is to provide a lively and fun source of information, connect you with training material you might otherwise not be aware of and produce, promote, sell and give away material that we make as well. Podcasts, videos and content! Oh my. It’s getting cheesy in here.