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MODO <-> Unity Asset Bridge

MODO <-> Unity Asset Bridge

MODO is a great companion App for Unity. Model, UV, texture…animated - everything you need to do involving points, polys, UVs and textures.. Now you can move assets in the Unity editor in real-time.


Pasting text in 3….2….1….BOOM

Modo has the ability to communicate with Unity Editor in real-time. To improve the workflow for Unity content creators, you can use our network protocol to share data between Modo and Unity. The connection between Modo and Unity can be on the same machine, across multiple machines over LAN, or machines connected over internet. Entire scenes or selected elements from a scene can bi-directionally be pushed and updated between network client and server. Mesh geometry, normals, UVs, textures, materials, as well as scene hierarchy, lights, and cameras can be synchronized between both applications.

The Foundry provides an inbuilt server plugin for Modo Bridge in Modo and a plug-in Modo Bridge client for Unity Editor in the Unity store. Once downloaded and installed from the Unity store, you can start the communication between both applications. You can then push changes made to the connected application.


- Transferring mesh items, vertex maps, materials and textures, from Modo to Unity.
- Transferring meshes and vertex maps from Unity to Modo.
- Transferring modified selected Polygons, Edges, and Vertices from Modo to Unity. For more information, see Selection Modes and Types.
- Transferring data changes made in Unity to Modo. For example, repositioning a mesh.
- Transferring data using a separate server and client computers on the same network.
- Transferring items, materials, and textures from multiple Modo scenes to Unity.

emReader, emPolygonizer  5 tools now free

emReader, emPolygonizer 5 tools now free

MODO to Blender simple key config

MODO to Blender simple key config