pixelfondue Newsletter September 2017

pixelfondue has a store!!!  

Ok, it's more of a 'shop' page with links to a whole bunch of products.  We find that it's helpful to 3D Artists and content producers alike if we can collect plug-ins, asset packs and kits all in one place.  Over 30 items and more seem to pop up every week.  If you have a plug-in, asset pack or kit that you would like us to link to, please send an email to contact@pixelfondue.com with Pixel Fondue Store as the subject.  This is really just the beginning, we will also be collecting the 'best of the best' in free assets, scripts and kits and providing links to those as well. 

Keep in mind that pixelfondue is not selling any of these items, we are merely providing links to the seller's page (usually gumroad or vimeo).  Any questions related to buying these products or support should be directed to the sellers (not pixelfondue....please....not pixelfondue....we're just providing links here, folks).

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pixelfondue is now on Facebook

We found this cool new Website designed specifically for bragging about your kids and showing people what you had for lunch.  Join us, be friends, read our posts, comment on our videos and maybe....just maybe....it will be the start of a torrid affair with that one person from High School...you know the one...the one who posts pictures of their taco salad every Tuesday.

The pixelfondue Facebook page.

  New pixelchefs  

While we keep a look-out for new contributors, sometimes they find us first.  Steve, Lauren and Lukasz have a broad range of experience ranging from programming to design as well as content creation.  Head on over to The Crew page to view their Bios and connect to their pages.  Wait a second....something's not right with one of those pictures.  It seems one of the chefs made it through our XX genetic screening system.  Maybe the start of a trend? I hope so....we're always looking.

steve white.JPG

Chef Steve White

Chef Lauren Thomas

Chef Lukasz Pazera


Saucier Ymmanuel Flores

  Special shout-out to Ymmanuel Flores has volunteered to join our team and has freely lended his very capable coding skills and bottomless intertubes knowledge in an effort to improve our site's usability and 'find-ability'.  We have some nice improvements coming that will enable you to seach through our archive of blogs and training materials much more easily.  BTW, I know it looks like we're trying to hid it - but the search function works reasonably well right now (give it a try and hit that magnifying glass to the upper right and type in 'retopology'.....or 'elf')  




Vaughan in 13,000+ Seconds  

The Vaughan in 60 Seconds series of videos has reached over three and a half hours and is growing larger every week. If you are looking for an easy way to sharpen your skills, learn new tools and techniques, or to just simply kill a few minutes of your time, be sure to check out the YouTube playlist here: William Vaughan's Pixel Fondue Playlist.

 Material samples created in MODO by Richard Yot.

Lauren's September of Love  

Ring ring! It's September which is back to school season. But I haven't been a student since whenever it was that SGI Visual Workstations roamed the earth! Well, if that's the case, this course probably isn't your speed, but if you're looking to dive into rigging and animation for the first time this is the sale for you! 


 V-Ray for MODO render created by Greg Leuenberger

Greg played a video game  

Regardless of whether or not you're a gamer, if you have an interest in art direction, animation, rendering, mood, atmosphere and excruciating attention to detail then you must play INSIDE.  Not only is it an amazing achievment, it's also an inspiration.  Every single set is a masterclass in lighting, composition and color.  I know, I know...I'm gushing....if I love it so much I should marry it.

Read the Blog and see some pretty pictures.


 AI created synthetic cat via image-to-image

Yazan's RA (Render Assistant) Kit  

After some hard core blood sweat and tears, RA has been released to the wild. RA (Render Assistant) for MODO 11 & 10 is a render assistance kit targeting product designers wanting to minimize fiddling with render settings to get a beautiful shot. It includes tools to streamline GL, Traditional Render & Progressive rendering within MODO’s toolset. Drop down lists for HDRIs and Backplates. Minimizes clicking in the shader tree & properties settings


Buy RA

 Robot guy created by AI cat next door..

Live Stream with Foundry September 14 |10am Pacific  

Join us for a Live Stream with Derek and Shane from Foundry on September 14 at 10am Pacific.  Chatting about new team members working on MODO, some MODO VR and more.

Keep on eye on twitter, forums and slack for the Live Steam link on Thursday.


Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Alex' Pipeline Kit  

So, I've been steadily working away on my pipeline kit. It is mostly aimed at helping with CAD preparation & animation and has a few really cool little functions like saving & loading animations from arbitrary rigs, automatic headless rendering and working with lots of instances. I am still looking for suggestions to round out the feature set, so if you are interested shoot me an email.

Express yourself 

Pascal here.  I use After Effects all the time, mainly for animation and compositing. I mostly rely on effects, plugins and presets, and there's plenty to play with...
Lately though I've tried to delve more deeply into expressions. I don't really do Motion Graphics per se but it's proven really useful when I didn't expect to need them.. And although expressions can be intimidating, it's actually just a question of organisation, you don't need to learn much syntax, the soft does most of it for you..
Here are a couple of good YT channels to follow if you're interested:

Ukramedia (Sergei Prokhnevskiy, who runs it, also has a very responsive Facebook group) 

EC Abrams

And finally JJ Gifford's site is a little old, but explains in detail the logic behind expressions in After Effects. And most haven't changed since..


maxTD Rigging Toolbox

Sergio Mucino has released the maxTD Rigging Toolbox for MODO.  A huge set of rigging tools for MODO that includes joint tools, channel utilities, preset rigs, rigging assemblies and fast deformer workflows.  If you rig a lot, plan on rigging a lot, or are just interested in learning rigging then check it out.  The toolbox is already being updated and includes many scene managment tools in addition to the rigging specific ones.  William Vaughan of MOP Booleans and Polystein fame is a fan.  He's posted a couple of blogs already: Joint ToolsSlider Rig and the Piston Rig.  There's a whole bunch of videos on the main maxTD page linked above as well.

It's great to have a kit released from somebody with Sergio's experience.  He has been working in Film/VFX for 13 years now and has more than 20 years of experience in computer graphics. Including work as a TD/Rigger in projects such as Iron Man 3, Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, and Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them among many others.


Ground Control to Modonauts!  

Hey everyone, Ed here! I've been recruited by Foundry to fill the role of Modo Concierge! I'll be assisting anyone who signs up for a 30 day trial of Modo. Sign Up Here! Does this mean I'm no longer contributing to Pixel Fondue? I'm afraid you won't be able to get rid of me that easily! My inner chef has been kept out of the kitchen for far too long! His apron is pressed, his spoons are polished, his herbs and spices are lined up, and he's ready to cook! In all seriousness though, I have some exciting plans lined up that I cannot wait to share with you. In the meantime, if you notice anyone who's new to Modo or new to 3D in general, please encourage them to visit the Getting Started Section of Foundry's community forum. It's a new section dedicated to learning the basics and developing Modo Skills! Also, have you joined the Official Foundry Modo Slack Group yet? It's a great place to meet other Modonauts, share tips, and get your burning Modo questions answered in real-time. Join the Group! 

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