1st Place | Charlie Ruggiero

2nd Place | Mike Lee

3rd Place | Brian Resco

Votes have been tallied, Russian interference has been successfully countered and internal arguments over the winners have been settled the traditional way - knife fights to the death.  Congrats to Charlie Ruggiero - we all agreed his took the most time...and had copious amounts of blood.  Mike Lee captured our hearts with AT-AT King Kong...although there was some back and forth about whether those should have been X-Wings or Snow Speeders.  Brian Resco brings home the bronze with a 'What is that? 'OH MY GOD IT'S DIE HARD!' entry.  Hans, you were indeed an exceptional thief...but also not immune to gravity.  Below are some other images that received votes.

Pat on the Back | Kevin Fitzpatrick

A spectacular decapitation and shower of blood in zero-G.  Wally is going to need a trip through the car wash after this fight.

Pat on the Back | Mike Lee

Cop vs. Roman vs. Pirate.  Right from the mind of Mike's son.  The pirate was subsequently arrested by the police officer for not having a firearm license and forced to walk the plank.

Pat on the Back |Tarjei Skaarsmoen 

Yes, that's the final showdown from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  No...most of us didn't get the reference until Ed pointed it out.  But alas, voting had ended.

LEGO Battle Contest!

pixelfondue presents our first community contest - and we even have a PRIZE! Hint: it involves a 2-by-4, a professional baseball player and the winner's kneecaps.....just kidding.  I meant the loser's kneecaps.  Wait, my lawyers are telling me it's not that either.  I'm now being told the prize is actually a genuine PIXAR Renderman Collectible Teapot.

Maul vs Jin cc 2.png
Frodo untimely death cc.png
AT AT vs Shelob cc.png


  The Theme is LEGO BATTLE!!!  Load your LEGO adversaries, involve some weapony (sharp edge, blunt instrument, projectile, plasma, particle beam, photon torpedo and sharp teeth are all acceptible weapons) top it off with a splash of blood, a blob of hemolympth or perhaps some internal organs that have suddenly become external.  Images will be judged on artistry, creativitiy and overall mayhem by the pixelfondue crew (except for Didi..because she HASN'T POSTED ANYTHING FOR LIKE 8 MONTHS).  Ahem.......Didi?  Send your images to (subject: LEGO BATTLE) and we will start building a gallery.  Also, keep in mind that sweet sweet teapot is yours even if it turns out that you're the only person who ended up sending us an image...even if it WIN!

Contest Ends July 4th 2017

  Winner gets this!


Look at the render-reallistic photograph!  One day reality will almost be indistinguishable from raytracing.

Less than 2 weeks left and we have sweetened the pot...or prize..whatever. Not only does the winner get a Pixar Collectible Teapot - but their choice of DaraPolystein or Slik2. 2nd place gets what first place didn't want and so on and so forth with 3rd place....'cause you didn't win and we only care about winners over here at Pixel Fondue. Everybody else gets virtual 'Honorable Mention' certificate....and by virtual I don't mean 'digital'....I mean 'invisible'.

  But WAIT you say - how do we get these "LEGOs" into our computing devices so we can MODO all over them?  Fortunately we have a video for that....and some links for the other.