Welcome Pixel Fondue Contributors.

I suggest clicking the little YouTube icon on the bottom to watch these videos on the Pixel Fondue YouTube channel - that way you can follow along on the actual Pixel Fondue site while they are playing.

Walkthrough of the Pixel Fondue site - News, Training and Contributor pages.


General Guidelines

1. Everything posted on PF's YouTube Channel must also be posted as a blog on the main PF Squarespace site.

2. No screenshots for Thumbnails, yep - nooooooo screenshots of the MODO screen (or whatever) for thumbnails, nice little images/renders/whatever

3. Make sure to tag all videos on YouTube with the app first followed by the verticle bar, followed by what the video is about (e.g. MODO | Using the bevel tool).  

4. Make sure to tag all videos on YT 'pixel fondue' as well as your first and last name (it will be added to your personal playlist automatically)..also add the App (MODO, Adobe, zBrush, AfterFX, etc) so it will be added to the correct playlist.

5. On Squarespace make sure to tag your banner with a color (e.g. clr-yellow...presets will pop up for you after you type clr-)

6. Make sure to set a category on Squarespace (News or Training).  Greg or Yazan will tag videos on YouTube and PF as 'Featured'.  We do our best to make sure everybody is featured...especially if you're selling something...but feel free to let us know if you want something featured.

7. We shoot for one video or blog post (review, interview, etc) every 2 weeks.  That's not set in stone...but if you're every 6 weeks then you're probably not interested very interested in this.

8. I guess I should say something about making you don't reveal any NDA information if you're a Beta tester for any software....and to try and repesent PF well on any online forum.

9. Make sure to have the PF bumper before and after each video posted.  It's located in Brand Assets..downloadable in the footer of any page.

10.  Please identify yourself at the beginning of the video 'Greg here from Pixel Fondue'....something like that.

11.  We are working on tagging guidelines (some copy/paste tags to improve our SEO) and some YouTube end screen/annotations.  WILL UPDATE LATER


Video on Editing the Sample Blog that is on your Contributor Page.



Video about embedding a Pixel Fondue Channel YouTube Video into your Blog.


Video on creating a New Blog Post from scratch, setting categories, tags, and banner color.  Also how to upload your video to Pixel Fondue's YouTube Channel in 'Unlisted' mode so we can keep everything hidden until the site is ready then go live with everything at once.


Some notes on housekeeping - accepting invites - the contributor agreement - slack - etc.


Video on adding the Pixel Fondue bumper to your Pixel Fondue YouTube channel video.