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After years of teasing I’m super excited to announce that DigitalExpressions Sweden has released Tropism.

“Tropism is a fully procedural tree/vine/vein generator plugin for Modo built on custom Mesh Operators. It is based on the great Space Colonization Algorithm (non exclusive permission) by Adam Runions.”

This is an amazingly comprehensive plugin consisting of multiple mesh-ops, a ton of example scenes and over 2 hours of training. My experience with Tropism is that it is super easy to use, incredibly fast and interactive, and useful for way WAY more than just trees. Not only can you grow trees, you can climb plants, tendrils, tentacles, blood vessels over any mesh, along any curve or even fill meshes.

Do yourself a favor and check this kit out…and BUY IT if you like what you see. I love all the cool kits and assets created by MODO community members and this particular plug-in is just really amazing.

We will also provide links to free (or affordable) leaf and bark textures that can be used with Tropism. (like THIS and THIS)



FEATURES: (demo video)

  • Grow entities like trees, shrubs, plants, twigs, hedges, veins, vines, lightning bolts in real time

  • Grow inside mesh boundaries, on mesh surfaces, along curves, in particle systems...

  • Paint particles on mesh surfaces and see vines grow in real time where you paint

  • Define location of the growth using one or more locators (roots)

  • With several roots all entities will compete for space without branch collisions

  • Use mesh volumes, deformers, effectors to shape, deform and animate the growth

  • High/Low poly generation controls (quads, sds)

  • Mesh UV-mapping automatically generated

  • Control the growth using curve guides

  • Twig/Leaf system controls

  • Create custom billboards and scatter leaves using Modo Replicators

  • Multiple animation controls for growth

  • Sketch or create random twigs and bake to textures

  • And much more.... visit the forum

By purchasing this product you agree to the license terms, the disclaimer declaration and you give us your consent (EU GDPR) to handle your privacy information according to our privacy declaration. (Please read the terms below).


  • Tropism V1.0 for Modo 13. (Minimal requirements: Modo13, Mac 10.13+, Win7, Win10) (x64).

  • The PointScatter meshop scatters free floating vertices (semi particles) in any closed mesh volume, on any mesh surface, along any set of curves. It can also distribute points in the shape of a basic tree/bush.

  • The SPCOperator meshop grows curves in different ways to mimic the typical structure of different kinds of vegetation based on attractor points (the semi particles). 

  • The SproutPass is a meshop that manipulates curve vertices in different ways to mimic growth.

  • The TwigOperator lets you add additional polylines/curves from the curve tip along any curve towards its start point with lots of control. It also adds particles with transformation control to the curve tips that can be used by replicators to distribute prototype leaves/twigs/billboards to its positions.

  • The CurveMesher generates a mesh along any set of curves in a mesh layer with lots of control to detail and UV mapping. What is unique with this mop compared to other similar curve mesher tools in Modo is its ability to understand curves that are attached to each other based on certain rules. It understands the typical structure of a tree.

  • 10+ example scenes containing many of the examples shown in the demo video and 2 hours free online training (youtube)

    (You can combine all of these mops with Modo standard mops but be aware that you will most certainly find combinations of mops that won't do what you expect even though all Tropism mops follows the Modo mop standard.)

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Auto Character Setup 2 Limited Offer

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