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Modo Essentials: Weekend Crash Course Updated!

Modo Essentials: Weekend Crash Course Updated!

The Pushing Points | Modo Essentials book is a guide that teaches you the foundational skills needed to work in Modo.

Since it’s release, the Modo Essentials book from Pushing points has received a healthy batch of 15 bonus videos and 18 Modo Scene files. These Free additional resources can be downloaded from your Gumroad Library.


The bonus videos cover a wide range of features in Modo and are designed to help you continue your educational journey of this amazing software.

Read what artists are saying about the book below:

“When I read Modo Essentials Weekend Crash Course I couldn’t stop smiling. This is a must have for anyone interested in getting into Modo, and also current Modo users who are thinking about fully adopting the current Modo UI. Williams attention to detail is superb, and with the inclusion of quick reference videos you are able to access the information in whatever way suits you. It’s extremely well thought out, designed and executed. He has to do more!!!” -Andy Brown

“I’ve been using Modo for almost 10 years, and in a program of this complexity, it’s easy to learn one way of accomplishing a task or your favorite set of shortcuts and just stick with them.  As I read Modo Essentials, every few pages offered up a small tip, a keyboard shortcut I hadn’t known about or a quicker, more efficient way to accomplish some task.  Modo Essentials doesn’t just demonstrate how to use Modo, it demonstrates how to use it efficiently, which makes it not just invaluable to those new to Modo, but equally so for those who’ve been using it for years. “ – Chris O’Riley

“The Modo Essentials: Weekend Crash Course is a must have book for Modo users of all skill levels. If you’re completely new to Modo, then this book is an incredibly wise investment. It’s an indispensable guide that will assist you on your quest to learn Modo. I’m a little envious of anyone who is starting to learn Modo today, because this book is the secret weapon I wish I had when I started. In the span of one weekend, not only will you get up to speed with Modo, but you’ll get a solid overview of everything the software has to offer. Even seasoned Modo users will benefit from working through the book! I challenge any professional artist who has been using Modo for a few years to make it to the end of the book without picking up at least a few new and worthwhile tips. In addition to a thoughtful layout, an expertly paced structure, sample scenes, and videos for each section, the Modo Essentials: Weekend Crash Course also features a reference section loaded with useful shortcuts and hotkeys. This is the perfect book for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of Modo!”– Ed Ferrari

“I believe this will become the go-to MODO book both for beginners first learning the program and for experienced users who need to jog their memory and learn some new hotkeys. Super well organized, tons of images and videos as well as useful tables and lists. I wish there was an equivalent to this book for half-a-dozen other programs I’d like to be better at.” –  Greg Leuenberger

“This is fantastic, not one to generally buy stuff like this, more figure out things and read dry tech stuff but, William does it the way it should be done… if you know how to model but need a crash course for Modo, well this is worth it.” -Michael Schmalle

“Well William knocks another one “outa the park” great asset and a great value for any Modo user!”– Tim Anderson

“Modo Essentials WILL be an invaluable source of information for me. It’s already a pure pleasure to read.” – Chuck Clayton

“Got mine today Will. Already learned some things about the Shader Tree that I didn’t know. It will be a great resource!” -Flávio Markiewicz

 “If anyone is on the fence about the Pushing Points Modo Essentials book, I’m just in the beginning and learning a lot already about the UI that I didn’t know existed. Can’t wait to finish it”– JONATHAN MUSSO

“The Modo Essentials book is every bit as good as the Topology and Python books. The presentation format is excellent, the content concise and on point. I can only imagine the time it takes to bring together the information and make such a polished product.” -Matthew Murray

“Great stuff – clear and well-organized. Highly recommend this especially if you are starting out with Modo but also if you want to brush up skills.” – Stephen Adrian Hill

“This book is the gift that keeps on giving. Even though I’ve been using Modo for a while, I bought it anyway because I wanted to support all of William’s hard work, and I knew there would be a bunch of quality tips in there for features I haven’t explored yet. I wasn’t disappointed, and William just keeps on adding new bonus videos.” – Charlie DeGroot

“I just opened a page at random and found some useful tips. I’m no expert but there is something for every level. Been using Modo since 301” – Sergio Miller

“Been using Modo since 501 and still manage to learn something new or a different technique in my workflow. Thanks William.” -Dmthreedart

“I just bought this a few days ago and worked through it – it really is an amazing resource! Clear, concise, well thought out, and content updates to boot! Well done” – Dan Caldwell

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