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Pixel Fondue Black Friday Discount Code

Pixel Fondue Black Friday Discount Code

Pixel Fondue has teamed up with several artists to bring you an amazing universal Black Friday discount code on some must have scripts, kits, apps, presets and training.

This universal code will save you up to 30% off from today thru Cyber Monday. Take advantage of this limited offer today by using the code pf_friday!

The artists participating are:

Richard Yot


Pushing Points - Pushing Points Tools

  • Polystein Kit- Save 30%

  • MOP Booleans- Save 30%

  • MOP Tubes- Save 30%

  • Hatchet Collection- Save 30%

  • Topology Scripts Collection- Save 30%

  • Topology Workbook (Digital Edition)- Save 30%

  • MODO Indie Macros Collection- Save 30%


  • Pro Graphics Bundle - Node-based compositing and 2.5D layer animation apps give your iPad super powers for creating awesome videos with tons of unique effects, from ASCII art to stereoscopic titles!

Xolotl Studio

Franck Elisabeth - Smoluck Kits

MODO I CAD TOOLS Kit (Beta 6.1) 10 $ Down from 15$ (Save 5$)

MODO I MeshOps Total Pack (0.97) 5 $ Down from 10$ (Save 5$)

Mario Baldi

  • Edge Flow - a tool that emulates Maya's edge flow tool (25%)

  • TRacer X - a kit to expand meshops possibilities in the mograph field. It can generate dynamic curves from particles and mesh vertices, allows for dynamic Vertex Maps manipulation, adds image and noise vertex displacement, and so much more. (25%)

  • Geo From Curves - This plugin will allow you to extrude planes along curves, with the ability to adjust Scale, Twist and Bend independently, for quick real-time hair generation. (25%)

Mark Tomlinson - Gumroad Offerings

  • 30% Off Large collection of Bashing Kits

Sergio Mucino - maxTD Rigging Toolbox for MODO - Save $20

MODO | Shader Tree: Grilled Patty

MODO | Shader Tree: Grilled Patty

MODO | UI: Customizing the Proficiency Level

MODO | UI: Customizing the Proficiency Level