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MODO | Polystein Kit Receives Another Free Update

MODO | Polystein Kit Receives Another Free Update

****Spider Mech Splash Image Created by Tor Frick***

I'm excited to announce that the Pushing Points Polsytein Kit has received another free update! This update introduces some amazing new features, workflows and enhancements to the Kit that advance the tool far beyond previous versions.

The Pushing Points Polystein Kit is a MODO KIT consisting of an array of all-quad SubD mesh presets that can be seamlessly added to a model making mesh detailing incredibly easy. This powerful toolset positions, scales, orients and auto-stitches these mesh presets to your active mesh relieving you of the tedious process of doing it manually.

Want to use your own meshes with the Polystein Kit? Within minutes, you can create custom presets from your own mesh items to use with the kit giving you an endless supply of presets to work with.

From vehicles, characters, weapons, environmental models and more, the Polystein Kit is a perfect addition to your modeling toolkit.

What's new?

The core code of the kit has been overhauled allowing for the following new features, workflows and enhancements:

Preset Browser- Modo's Preset Browser has completely replaced the old UI of the Polystein Kit which used the Card Views. This was the number one feature requests from users and I'm extremely excited about all the benefits users will receive from the transition to the Preset Browser. Using the Preset Browser allows users to save as many user presets as they'd like, where they'd like, with their own naming conventions and directory structures.

Polystein Presets can now be tagged with keywords, comments, star ratings, and favorite presets. This additional information can aid in organization, and enhance filtering and searching of presets. Using the Preset Browser also allows users to configure the Polystein Presets UI to their liking, taking up far less screen pace then before.

Presets- New Presets have been added to the Polysetin Kit including a collection of Hard Surface presets and the inclusionof the Quad Family Pack for MODO. There are now a total of 54 presets included in the kit.

Preset Rotation and Preset Drop - Users can now rotate the presets before they are stitched to the mesh and all presets can be positioned and oriented without stitching by using the Drop option.

Selection Restrictions Removed- The Polsytein kit now allows users to select any number of polygons to stitch a preset to. Mandatory selection requirements have been removed and are now simply suggestions for producing an all quad mesh.

Preset Creation- The steps to create a custom preset has been reduced and users can now save a preset from the Polystein Tools Palette.

Polystein Pie Menu- The Polsytein Pie menu has been reconfigured to speed up preset placement. The new workflow requires less clicks and less time traveling back to the preset browser which means more time creating.

Polystein in the Hands of Tor Frick

The Polystein Kit plays a role in Tor Frick's new modeling work flow to create stunning hard-surface creations with an amazing amount of detail. Recently, Tor took on a 5-day challenge where his goal was to create five robots in five days.

Tor live streamed this challenge and you can watch the recorded streams on his Twitch and Youtube channels. Below are a few examples of the amazing work he created.


Polystein in Your Hands

What will you create with the Polystein Kit?

Use the provided presets, add to the collection with presets created by other users or create your own and produce an endless collection of details to add to your meshes. From vehicles, characters, weapons, environmental models and more, the Polystein Kit is a perfect addition to your modeling toolkit. I look forward to seeing your creations and hope you find this kit as useful in your workflow as I do.

Click here to visit the official Pushing points Polystein Kit Site.

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