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MODO 11.1 | New Feature Videos

MODO 11.1 | New Feature Videos

MODO | UV Box Transform Tool

The UV Box Transform Tool draws a rectangular bounding box around the selected components and gives you access to control handles that enable you to quickly move, rotate and scale edit your selections in UV space. Having all of these actions in one easy to use tool allows you to edit your UV maps quicker and more efficiently. This video is a quick introduction to this powerful tool.

MODO | Distortion Compensation and UV coverage indicator

This video is a quick look at the Distortion Compensation UV option and UV Coverage Indicator in MODO.

When working with the Box, Cylinder, Capsule, Cone, Sphere, Torus and Ellipsoid tools, you can enable the Distortion Compensation option to reduce the distortion in the primitive's UVs when they are being automatically generated at the time the primitive is being created.

The UV coverage indicator displays a percentage value in the lower-right corner of UV viewport, representing the amount of uniform UV space of the total region that is covered by geometry.

MODO | Convert Falloff Cache

This video is a quick introduction to the Convert Falloff Cache command in MODO. Convert Falloff Cache is a powerful command that transfers internal falloff weight data generated by Falloff options such as Element, Selection, Screen and Air Brush into a regular weight map.

MODO | Select UV Overlapping Polygons

This video takes a quick look at the Select UV Overlapping Polygons command in MODO which is an extremely useful feature that detects polygons with 3 different types of UV errors. The errors it looks for are Cross Intersection, Self-Intersection and Flipped UVs.

MODO | Split and Sew Tool

The Split and Sew Tool is an interactive version of UV Sew commands. This video introduces this powerful feature and showcases the tools attributes.

MODO | Square Option for Radial Sweep

This quick video introduces the Radial Sweep Square option which allows you to quickly align the segments along a square. This mode will automatically set the segment count to 8 and works on closed rings, making it the perfect option for creating objects such as picture frames.

MODO | Falloff Weight Tool

This video takes a quick look at the Falloff Weight Tool in MODO which is a powerful tool for creating weight maps that can be used for modeling, rigging, texturing, dynamics and more.


Pixel Fondue Live Stream 6.29.2017

Pixel Fondue Live Stream 6.29.2017

MODO | Show Cages Display Option

MODO | Show Cages Display Option