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PRODUCT REVIEW | Parblo Coast22, Pen display

PRODUCT REVIEW | Parblo Coast22, Pen display

High-Touch Experience is to Bring More Creative Passion!

I could not think of a better title for this review so I decided to go with theirs.

Parblo Coast22 21.5″ Graphics Monitor.png

Are alternatives to Wacom Cintiqs and tablets worth it? That depends on what you need and what your budget is.

Full disclosure before I continue: 

  1. Cintiqs are still the best option, and if you have the cash to drop on one of their models, go for it. If you are on a budget, you can't beat Parblo's $645.99USD ($459 for just the display) price tag.
  2. I ended up returning my pen display due to a hardware/manufacturing error which I discuss later on.


    About the Parblo Coast22

    • 21.5" hard screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080
    • 170° horizontal and verticle viewing angle
    • Battery-free stylus
    • 2048 levels of pressure (same as many Wacom Cintiqs)
    • Options for HDMI, VGA, or DVI 
    • More specs from their website

    What's in the Box

    Package list: 11/10 Parblos


    Let me tell you about this package that arrived. A large unmarked cardboard box that was filled with so. much. stuff. Extra adapters, extra cords, tablet glove, monitor arm, and a screen bag. I don't understand this accessory. When does one use this? I imagine a scenario where someone yells, "Quick! Hide the screens!" and I go, "Sure! Where you keep the screen bags?!" The bag doesn't even close or anything. It's like one of those slipcovers you put over cars. But you know what, I like that they included it. It came with a felt pen case for another unknown scenario, your standard pen holder with extra nibs. A mini-CD with drivers, a little screen cleaning nappy, and more. I give the accessory hand-outs 11/10 Parblos. Most of these add-ons could have easily been charged as extras. 

    Delivery: 10/10 Parblos

    I tracked it from China to Toronto in 3 days! Three days!! That seems nutty to me. Plus free shipping, my dudes. The subsequent return and refund were just as fast and easy.

    Pen Display: 6/10 Parblos

    I really want to give this a better score but for now, I can't go higher than 6 Parblos. There are so many promising aspects and I still believe this could be a good solution for anyone who likes working on a pen display with their 3D programs. Sketching, drawing, and taking handwritten notes, not so great. Sketching in photoshop was not bad at all but not as smooth as a Wacom. OneNote was unable to recognize the pen. 

    3D Modeling on the display is nice. 

    The pen display has no programmable buttons and this was actually a plus for me. I appreciate the minimalist look that the screen has without buttons. I never used those tablet buttons anyway because I hated moving my hand from my keyboard to awkwardly push in one of those gummy little buttons. Yuck. 

    The display seems somewhat prone to screen burn. I left a photoshop document open for about 2-3 hours and it left a very faint mark on my screen that did eventually fade. Maybe I should have covered it with the screen bag?

    Again, it's definitely not a Wacom Cintiq but it's still pretty great. I will happily talk about what it's like to use the screen on its own or compared to Cintiqs, but god help you if you try to pull me into a Wacom fanboy comparison conversation. Leave me out of it. I'm serious. I'll throw my coffee at you.

    PR200w Thumb Keyboard: 9/10 Parblitos

    The little guy comes equipped with Gateron black switches only. That's a linear switch that requires a wee bit more force to push down than other linears like red or brown switches. I prefer linear switches and though I am partial to browns, I am quite happy with the feel of the black switches. I had some trouble reprogramming the keys. You can download a "key reprogramming software" from their website. Once you're able to reprogram it, it's quite nice. It offers 4 modes, so you could have a MODO set up, a Photoshop set, a game setup. It allows you to program combination keys, mouse clicks, macros, and more. I give the Parblo P200w 9/10 parblitos. I'd give it 10 but I'm a bit of a keyboard snob and I would have liked the opportunity to choose what switches I got.

    Stylus: 6/10 Parblos

    The pen itself is nice. It has a nice form and weight to it but it only has one button! Worse, the button is designed as a rocker button like the Wacom pen which makes it seem like it has two buttons but it doesn't! Who could live like this?! Even worse still, the button sucks. Like 0/10 parblos. It works half the time and awkwardly. I reprogrammed two of buttons on the PR200w to function as middle-mouse-click and right-mouse-click which served as a satisfactory work around me. My hand is always on the keyboard anyway and the response is great with no perceivable lag. 

    Customer Service: 10/10 Parblos

    Parblo is doing their best to put their best foot forward in customer service. That means a lot, especially if you're going out on a limb with a new product. I am way less apprehensive trying out a new product if I am confident I can speak to someone if I am unhappy. Parblo is quick to respond to emails and they have a facebook page that responds quickly to inquiries and posts frequent contests and community artwork. They even post welcomes to new community members. For comparison, I would give Wacom's customer service 2/10 Wacoms. 

    So there you have it, Parblo Coast22 is great if you don't want to drop 2K+ on a pen display. The price may outweigh to cons depending on your priorities and budget, and there are some functional workarounds for the aspects that actually suck. 

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