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MODO | MeshOps Assembly aliases: Part 1

MODO | MeshOps Assembly aliases: Part 1

So Assembly Aliases is what makes me think that the Procedural workflow could be awesome in Modo. I've previously used 3DSmax as well as Maya so i know about that kind of concept that you can see in those  other DCC app. To makes things easy to work with and to understand, i've created this little kit. I will probably add new features to it overtime, so please give us your feedback on your needs.

And when i say awesome, it means much more than a suite of native tools that you use on your needs (with their own boundary). MeshOps let's you build your own set of predefined and fully customizable shapes and i wanted to explain a bit more on how to build them.

Follow the video bellow this article and free to give us your feedback.

Download The Kit here: https://gum.co/wgsja

I've added a little MeshOps oriented Tab to save your own build in a convenient context.


If you didn't want to use this UI, you can remove it from the Kit folder, located under: Luxology\Kits\SMO_AdvancedMeshOps\Configs those 2 files


1) The Kit here consist of:

a specific UI for building MeshOps. (Schematic / MeshOperation / ItemList / ChannelList / Groups / Item Properties

a Preset folder that will be used further with upcoming new presets. i will add few more over time. and you can use that kit to create your own specific library of MeshOps AssAliases (sorry couldn't resist)

an LXO building Scene already setup in order to let you understand the logic, and the way you should build your own presets.

a simple Cylinder / Tube / Disc Assembly Aliases that you can use already.


2) So When you create your first MeshOp the Key points are:

  • Create a Locator that can hold the Input value as UserChannels. This way it's more simple to edit those channels by adding Limits / Default value, that you can't do when using the direct inputs from an assembly.
  • Add always a Deform folder to keep the MeshOps order between all your meshops called in your assembly.
  • Maintain some area and arrangement into the assembly in order to get the reading of the structure as easy as possible (i know it's a challenge, and i must say that i prefer the UI from Substance Designer for that).
  • be careful when using some Math node because sometimes a divide by 0 (by default) can cause your PC/Mac to hang for ever. think twice about what you are doing to prevent any crash.
  • Save incremented files to get back if you do any mistake.
  • Use Colors to help you identify what is what on any Items and Meshops node.
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