Brad loves 3D, VR, teaching, learning, solving odd problems, working with kids, listening to and making music, audio recording, pedal boards, science, making videos, talking to interesting people and trying to find ways to do all of these things at the same time. Brad started in computer graphics answering telephones in tech support and has held jobs as content creator, product manager, Vice President 3D at NewTek, President/Founder at Luxology and President of the Americas at The Foundry. But his all time favorite title is Dad. 

  I started creating computer graphics in 5th grade...I believe that was 1982.  I created a green dog pixel by pixel, programming in Basic on my Atari 800.  If I remember correctly his ears were orange.  There was just something about the potential of those glowing pixels that grabbed me.  I've been animating, modeling, compositing and editing professionally day-in and day-out for about 20 years now - yet still retain a real sense of wonder and curiosity about this industry, the tools and people who make it what it is.  I think sleeping is mostly a waste of time and enjoy my waking hours as a dad, husband, coach, has-been athlete, armchair nerd and CEO of Sabertooth Productions, Inc.

  Evil scientist turned good guy 3D nut. Current pixel chef at pixel fondue. Creator of useful tools. Visualizer of things he can’t ever put on a portfolio due to secrecy documents that basically made him sign his life away. Best known for solving 2D to 3D (even back to 2D) streamlined solutions. Heading 9b studios with a focus on Design Visualization Pipelines.

  Adam is a product design consultant. He's helped design and visualize laptops, power tools, audio gear, educational toys, a robot, a hibachi grill, a cooler, headphones, faucets, toilets, flush valves, a sci-fi movie vehicle, coffee makers, a panini maker, a lint roller, gaming consoles and accessories, drones, golf clubs, medical devices, VR headsets, and a scrubber thingy.

  Ellery is a professional artist, designer and educator. He has created training for, Video2Brain, TheFoundry and is the author of the book 3D for Graphic Designers. Ellery has developed and taught course curriculum for major universities and trained at studios and production houses across the U.S. 

  Short and awkward. When I'm not bridging the gap between design and technology at Adidas, you can find me freaking out in nature or on my MAC. I love concepts, twizzlers, cereal, and Halloween. I'm also the grey shade between extroverted and introverted, but you can just call me Didi. (Note: Didi has Adam's favorite bio.)  

  Richard Yot is a UK based illustrator who specialises in creating quirly characters and worlds for them to live in. With extensive knowledge of lighting, shading, and rendering Richard offers a wide range of deep and detailed tutorials and has acquired a very loyal following. Richard is serious and does not do jokes.  


  Finding time to sketch and scrawl, boolean my schmagooleans and convert those freerange verts, bringing the heaviest of polies to your screen.

  I've helped neighborhood mega-corporations including Disney, Warner Bros, Hotwheels, Honda, Trek and Insomniac Games.  Currently acting as a VisDev artist at Sony Pictures Animation and making online training.

  William Vaughan is an award-winning artist, writer, and director. He has created thousands of original computer-generated characters, including Tofu the Vegan Zombie. William has trained thousands of cg artists throughout the world and authored more than 300 tutorials and instructional videos. He has been published by every major cg magazine, contributed to 18 books, has written and directed several award-winning films, and has created digital art for many top studios, including Nickelodeon and Pixar Animation Studios.

  Ed has been in the film and television industry for a little over 10 years working on productions such as Zodiac, Supergirl, and the Transformers series. Ed’s ultimate goal (aside from inter-dimensional conquest) is to create illustrations for the short stories he writes in his spare time. He’s happiest walking his dogs and kayaking in the ocean above things he’d rather not think about. Actually, if it were not for his dogs, Ed would probably be fused to the chair in front of his computer like some sort of horrible man-chair. A firm believer that inspiration is everywhere, Ed enjoys the challenge of using the latest technology to turn inspiration into imagery.

  Ryan Ernst studied game art and design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh but left early to work in the fast-paced consumer good market.  For the last 3 years, he worked as a 3D product concept artist, creating concepts of promotional products for major corporations.  He specializes in optimizing workflows and creating realistic product and display renders.  At the age of 24, he founded Re3D Studio. A Design Studio that connects freelance workers looking for part-time work, and small business's that can’t afford a year round graphics department.   He hopes one day to work full time for his studio from home.


  Laurie is a digital fabrication educator and designer who works with creative professionals and schools. At Shapeways, she developed and optimized online video and text tutorials to help designers get from idea to product, using 3D design and printing processes. Passionate towards bridge the gap between design and technology, sharing knowledge, and the hunt for a juicy challenge.


  Alex is an award winning 2D/3D generalist and a Foundry certified Nuke trainer. He is most often seen staring at Nuke nodes, shader setups, modo and Maya rigs and swearing about his own Python scripts. He would describe himself less as a creator and more as a solver. Blank pages scare him and so he quickly tries to fill them with nonsense like this. He has found that when you fill enough pages with enough nonsense, you occasionally get something that is actually legible. So stick with him. It may take some time.