Welcome Pixel Fondue Contributors.

I suggest clicking the little YouTube icon on the bottom to watch these videos on the Pixel Fondue YouTube channel - that way you can follow along on the actual Pixel Fondue site while they are playing.

Walkthrough of the Pixel Fondue site - News, Training and Contributor pages.



Video on Editing the Sample Blog that is on your Contributor Page.



Video about embedding a Pixel Fondue Channel YouTube Video into your Blog.


Video on creating a New Blog Post from scratch, setting categories, tags, and banner color.  Also how to upload your video to Pixel Fondue's YouTube Channel in 'Unlisted' mode so we can keep everything hidden until the site is ready then go live with everything at once.


Some notes on housekeeping - accepting invites - the contributor agreement - slack - etc.


Video on adding the Pixel Fondue bumper to your Pixel Fondue YouTube channel video.