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Polystein Kit gets a Massive Update

Polystein Kit gets a Massive Update

Update to the Polystein Kit now available- version 10.0.1

I'm very excited to announce that the Polystein kit, after just being released a week ago, already has a massive update. This is a free update to existing customers.

While this update closely follows the initial release, it's a massive update. Here are some things to be excited about.

>The core code behind the Polystein Kit has been rewritten from the ground up and is more accurate with scale, rotation and placement of the presets.  This rewrite also allowed for the next item on the list to be possible.

>The number one feature requested when I first started showing the kit was the ability to use your own custom presets, and I'm happy to announce that this feature has been added.

>The kit ships with new tools that make creating a custom preset a trivial process.

>The second most requested feature when the kit was released was for feet. A full set of Feet presets have been added to the collection.

>A set of Hardware presets have been added as well. This includes a button, rivet and 3 options for screw heads. This required additional coding which now opens the possibility of non-stitched presets that work with the kit.

>Polystein Tools palette and Pie Menu have been updated with the new tools and the documentation has been updated to cover changes in the kit as well as new features. If you plan on creating custom presets to work with the kit be sure to check out the docs.

I love seeing all the characters that have been created so far and can't wait to see what you create with the newest version of the Polystein Kit. For more information about the kit or to purchase the kit head over to the Pushing Points site here: Polystein Kit for MODO

Moon splash image created by Chris O'Riley using the Polystein Kit for MODO.

MODO | Create a Custom Preset for the Polystein Kit

MODO | Create a Custom Preset for the Polystein Kit

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